Please be advised that the Tax Sale Tender Openings for the following properties occurred on Thursday August 25th shortly after 3pm.  We have declared the official highest bidder and the second highest bidder. We will be preparing tender rejection notices for the remainder of the bids and the deposits for those will be available for pickup starting at 10am Monday August 29th. In order to pickup your tender at the office you are required to show identification that matches the tender deposit name. You will be required to sign a confirmation of receipt at that time.


Any rejected tender deposits not picked up by Thursday September 1st at 3pm will be returned by registered mail on Friday September 2nd. The highest tenderer will be notified by mail and will have 14 days from the date of mailing to pay the balance owing to be declared the "Successful Purchaser".   If the balance is paid, the Second Highest Tenderer will be notified and their deposit returned at that time.






Our File No.




Roll No.



Number of tenders received




Highest tender amount




Second Highest tender amount


14 50 226 010 02650 0000


$              82,600.00

$              56,500.00


14 50 226 010 03101 0000


$              28,600.00

$              22,222.00



Township Equipment up for Auction at GovDeals

From time to time the Township will put surplus equipment for sale on the website GovDeals. Visit this website to view current availability.