Section 50 of the Planning Act sets our specific circumstances where land can be subdivided or by which an interest in land can be conveyed to another person.

The Consent process, under Section 53 of the Act, is typically used to provide for the creation of a new lot; the enlargement of a lot/alteration to existing lot boundaries; or the creation of a right-of-way or easement that extends beyond 21 years in duration.

The Township of Alnwick/Haldimand's Council has the authority to make decisions on applications for consent. All decisions of Council must conform to applicable Official Plans and must be consistent with the Provincial Policy Statement.

Should you be interested in pursuing an application for consent, staff highly recommend that you participate in a pre-submission consultation. At this meeting, we will review the applicable policy, discuss the procedure and requirements, and help you to determine the costs and timeframes involved with completing your consent transaction.

For more information on severances, please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housings Citizen's Guide #5 – Land Severances.

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