Site Plan Control Application

The Site Plan and Development Review process has been established by the Township to ensure development applications are comprehensively reviewed by the Planning department.

A Site Plan is a drawing which illustrates the placement of the existing building, site services and the proposed addition. Site Plans must illustrate:

  1. Location of existing and proposed buildings and structures on the property and neighbouring land.
  2. For commercial, industrial, institutional and multi-unit residential development of 25 units or more:
    • Massing, and conceptual design of the proposed building.
    • Relationship of building to the street and public access areas.
  3. The boundaries and measurements of the lot in metric.
  4. Setback of any buildings from the lot lines.
  5. Facilities to provide access to and from the land such as ramps, curbings and traffic direction signs.
  6. Off-street vehicular loading, parking areas, bike lanes, bike stalls, access driveways, including driveways for emergency vehicles, and the type of surfacing.
  7. The location, amount and dimension of parking spaces, including barrier free spaces.
  8. Walkways and means of pedestrian access which offer safe access to and from site, facilities designed for persons with disabilities and type of surfacing.
  9. Walls, fences, hedges, trees, shrubs or other groundcover or facilities for the landscaping of the lands or the protection of adjoining lands.
  10. The type and location of lighting (must be dark sky friendly).
  11. Existing municipal infrastructure and connections (ex. Municipal water, gas lines , stormwater catchment and fire hydrants).
  12. Location and design of facilities and enclosures for the storage of garbage.
  13. Metric Scale.

Site Plan Requirements

  1. Survey/Reference Plan.
  2. Site Plan – 7 full size copies and 1 reduced sized for the municipality plus a digital copy in a PDF format.
  3. Specifics – scale (metric only please) and dimensions (when applicable) of:
    • Abutting streets and buildings
    • North arrow
    • Parking
    • Snow storage
    • Driveways
    • Sidewalks
    • Existing, adjacent and proposed buildings
    • Landscaping/buffer zone
    • Lot grading
    • Garbage facilities
    • Lighting
    • Fences
    • Closest existing or proposed fire hydrant
    • Front, side, and rear yard dimensions
    • Storm water management plan
  4. Drawings for exterior design (character, scale, design features) when applicable.

Site Plan Development Review may be undertaken for:

  • Multi-unit residential, institutional, industrial and commercial development.
  • Other types of development specified by the Site Plan Control By-Law.

If you wish to pursue an Application for Site Plan or Development, you should pre-consult with the Planning department prior to submitting an application.