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About Heritage Alnwick/Haldimand

Alnwick Township was originally surveyed in 1795 when twenty-four (24) lots were laid out on the first concession. The Township's first residents were made up of United Empire Loyalists, attracted by large unencumbered land grants, sometimes in the thousands of acres.

Haldimand Township was formed in 1791 and was named in honour of Sir Frederick Haldimand - a British general who served as Governor-in-Chief of Canada between 1778 and 1796. By 1804, there were 356 settlers in Haldimand Township making it the second most populous Township in the region.


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Ways to stay engaged during COVID-19 Isolation: 

Ontario Visited has created original "Historical & Heritage" videos vignettes and stories series to help COVID-19 “self-isolators” learn more about Ontario's rich history and heritage ~ Ontario Re-Visited ~ “Discovering Your Roots”.

Each vignette video is approximately 40 seconds long. We are featuring many National Historic Sites, Museums, Pioneer Villages, Heritage, Culture and HistoryThe articles include Original historic “Art Sketches” by Canadian artist Susan Caron.

NOTE: During the COVID-19 crisis, we realized that some of our “stories and videos” can’t be experienced in person at this time, but they will come in handy, once the crisis has passed. Please stay safe!

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Ontario Visited Adventures (Stories & Photos) ~ “A Moment in Time”

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Ontario Re-Visited ~ “Discovering Your Roots”

Country Routes ~ “Finding a Road Less Traveled”

Ontario Visited Blogs ~ The Inside Scoop and Festival Nomad Again

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Heritage Alnwick/Haldimand and Heritage Cemeteries Committee

Our volunteer committee is charged with the preservation and cataloging of heritage items to advise and assist Council in all heritage matters and to educate our community of its history.

Learn more about the Heritage Alnwick/Haldimand and Heritage Cemeteries Committee


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Township Tales

Learn more about the book of stories inspired by the memories of long-time Township residents, the Township Tales.

Learn more about Township Tales

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Postcards of Grafton

Postcards of Grafton are available for sale at the Grafton Municipal Office for $0.50 per card. Businesses purchasing postcards for give-away or resale must purchase in quantities of 10 and may do so at a reduced rate. Heritage Alnwick/Haldimand Committee is presently working on a postcard for the Roseneath area.