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Wicklow Heritage Park

History of Haldimand Baptist church in Wicklow and the establishment of Wicklow Heritage Park

black and white photo of old church

  • c. 1798 Beginnings of a congregation in the open air on the shore of Lake Ontario near Lakeport
  • Reuben Crandall, Deacon Moses Hinman and Rev. Peleg Card were notable names.
  • c. 1817 a small log building (12' x15') which also served as a schoolhouse, was built by Samuel Batty at the lakeshore near McGlennon point.
  • c. 1823 the log building was destroyed in a storm.
  • c. 1824 a 34' x 44.5' timberframe church with clapboard overlay and wood lath and plaster interior was erected further inland on lot 13, con A. Some of the logs and stones from the original building at the lakeshore were transported to the new site by oxen.
  • c. 1854 gallery seating was removed.

black and white photo of old churchc. 1898 100th anniversary was celebrated. The church welcomed all denominations and could hold over 300 people. c. 1930 Ephrain Doolittle Card left $1000. from his estate.

  • c. 1943 Last regular service was held with church closing in 1946.
  • c. 1957 Church received historical designation by the Ontario Archaeological and Historic Sites Board, and a restoration project was undertaken with the intent of making the church a museum. A bronze plaque was erected. Trent Valley Association of Baptist Churches assumed responsibility.

room in church

c. 1985 A $6,000 study in 1984 estimated $60,000 was required for structural improvements. The building was registered as historical under municipal by-law 85-18 in order to qualify for funding assistance

  • Friday June 13th, 1986 fire destroyed the church, just as renovations were being completed.
  • 1987 Stone Cairn with bronze plaque was dedicated on the property.
  • 1991 Memorial Chapel was built at cost of $3000 with labour being donated by Fleming College students. Three of the four cornerstones from the old church were set in the ground out front.
  • 1998 Trent Valley Association of Baptists ceases financial and 

old plaque with names on it for the roll of honouradministrative responsibilities, 

  • 2004 Anniversary and special services held until 2003, upon which time the land was donated to Alnwick/Haldimand township for the sum of $1. A trillium grant of $24,000.00 was accepted by the Wicklow Chapel Property Conservation Committee to demolish the small meeting house, erect a covered pavilion with heritage display, and re-fresh the chapel.recommending it to be taken over by the Colborne church, ran by Rev. Agnes Lee (1919-2008). The Colborne church subsequently closed in 1999.
  • 2019 Grafton Green Thumbs under the leadership of Ralf and Michelle Busse supervised much needed improvements to the landscaping.

Russ Creek Cemetery return to a more natural state

This is an opportunity with the assistance of Nature Conservancy, to allow this plot within an Area of Natural and Scientific Interest to grow again. In the first year we have seen a large number of the tall grass prairie species return.

green space with a sign saying habitat restoration in progress      old gravestone saying gone but not forgotten   old gravestone

Conservation of C.1885 School Section map

It is an interesting 40" x 60" map showing the full name of owner and # of acres. It shows the 23 school sections in Haldimand Township outlined in coloured pencil.

The edges are very fragile, and we are hoping that it will benefit from some conservation work, so that proper photos can be taken for future reference.

old map