township tales book cover

This book of stories is inspired by the memories of long-time Township residents. It provides a description of our community as it is remembers years ago. It also contains historic articles and fun facts that highlight some of the many historic landmarks in our community.

The stories within truly capture and preserve the spirit of days gone by.

Purchasing a Copy

If you are interested in purchasing a copy, please visit the Township Office located at 10836 County Road 2, Grafton.

Excerpt from the book

“Merry-go-rounds have been fun and classic rides for children and adults alike at fairs and carnivals for generations. Yet, not many people can say they have experienced the true joy of riding an original carousel from the early 1900s. With a total of only two hundred and thirty original hand-carved wooden carousels left in existence in North America and Canada, including the six functioning in Canada today, it is not surprising, either. Many people are unaware that the local Hamlet of Roseneath is home to a very rare and unique carousel constructed in 1906, owned and operated by the Roseneath Agricultural Society since 1932.

As opposed to the creaky, dented metal structures used at fairs today, this historic artifact is in pristine condition, operating and looking like the piece of art many see it to be. Wood floors, hand-carved basswood horses and an original paint style are just a few of the many breath-taking museum quality features that are part of the Roseneath Carousel.”

black and white photo of old carousel         black and white photo of old carousel