Active Cemeteries

Macklin (Bethany) United Church Cemetery

11500 County Road 29, Lot 15 Concession 9

Bethesda North United Church Cemetery

494 North Bethesda Road, Lot 34 Concession 10

Centenary Cemetery

7978 County Road 18, Lot 8 Concession 1

small grey building and cemetery gravestones

Merrill's United Church Cemetery

171 Merrill Road, Lot 19 Concession 4

small white building with gravestones behind it


Cemetery Fees

  • Interment Rights: $350.00
  • Care and Maintenance: $250.00
  • Interment: Contact Funeral Home
  • Corner Stones (supplied and installed): $300.00

Heritage Cemeteries

Learn more about the Heritage Cemeteries in our Township

Contact Information

To make inquiries regarding lot purchases, please contact the Clerk's Department 

Contractors for the Township conduct the ground maintenance, digging of graves and cremation burials. Contractor information is available upon request through the Clerk's Department