Active Cemeteries

Macklin (Bethany) United Church Cemetery

11500 County Road 29, Lot 15 Concession 9

Bethesda North United Church Cemetery

494 North Bethesda Road, Lot 34 Concession 10

Centenary Cemetery

7978 County Road 18, Lot 8 Concession 1

small grey building and cemetery gravestones

Merrill's United Church Cemetery

171 Merrill Road, Lot 19 Concession 4

small white building with gravestones behind it

Please note that the Merrill Cemetery Decoration Day on June 7th, 2020 has been cancelled.

Cemetery Fees

  • Interment Rights: $350.00
  • Care and Maintenance: $250.00
  • Interment: Contact Funeral Home
  • Corner Stones (supplied and installed): $300.00

Heritage Cemeteries

Learn more about the Heritage Cemeteries in our Township

Contact Information

To make inquiries regarding lot purchases, please contact the CAO/Municipal Clerk, Robin van de Moosdyk.

Contractors for the Township conduct the ground maintenance, digging of graves and cremation burials. Contractor information is available upon request through the CAO/Municipal Clerk.