The Township of Alnwick/Haldimand Public Works department maintains all municipal roads and sidewalks.

Construction Projects

View the current construction projects.

Road Maintenance includes:

April and May

  • Sweeping of intersections to remove built up sand/salt from the winter season.
  • Sweeping lowers the amount of dust raised by traffic.

Early to mid-May

  • Gravel road grading.
  • Application of liquid calcium chloride to stabilize the road base and control dust.

June to September

  • Gravel road grading.
  • Mowing of grass along municipally owned roads.

Remainder of Summer Months

  • Road construction and surface treating projects.
  • We try to treat between five to ten kilometres of gravel roads each year. We recap existing surface treated roads and reconstruct treated roads, which are flawed.

The Township is not responsible for the maintenance of the following roads:

County Roads

If you have concerns regarding the condition of a county road, contact Northumberland County.

Provincial Highways

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is the road authority responsible for maintaining the following highways:

  • Highway 401

MTO provides current information on road conditions, construction projects and traffic conditions on provincial highways. You can also access this information by calling 5-1-1.

Private Roads

The Township does not maintain private roads.

Roadside Ditches

Roadside ditches perform four (4) main functions:

  • They serve to drain water from the road base and sub grade. Their purpose is not to drain neighbouring properties, but in many cases, they may.
  • They carry collected water to an appropriate outlet.
  • They stop the uncollected sheet of surface water coming from outside the road allowance from getting on the road.
  • They assist in winter snow clearing operations by depositing snow below the elevation of the road surface.

Property owners do not have absolute right to outlet to roadside ditches. The Township reserves the right to remove or restrict any outlets to ditches that cause problems with operation or damage the drainage system. Please contact the Township's Public Works Department before directing water to the Township's ditches.

Illegal Dumping on Roadsides

All illegal dumping should be reported to the Northumberland County Waste Management Department: 555 Courthouse Road, Cobourg ON, K9A 5J6.

Telephone: 905-372-3329 or 1-800-354-7050