Tanker Shuttle Accreditation is a process that confirms if you can bring water to a fire from a supply other than a fire hydrant.

Tanker Shuttle List of Accreditation

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What is involved in the testing?

The test sites are selected and agreed upon by the testing authority and the Fire department. The water dump site is selected as well as a water source about five (5) kilometres away. In order to receive benefits of the Water Tanker Shuttle Accreditation, the building under assessment by an Insurance Company must be:

  • Within eight (8) kilometers for Dwelling Protection Grade.
  • Five (5) kilometres for the Public Fire Protection Grade to the nearest fire station.

What is Tanker Shuttle Accreditation?

Tanker Shuttle Accreditation is a program of the Fire Protection Survey Services. This program recognizes a fire department's ability to shuttle water by way of tanker trucks to fight fires in areas far from municipal fire hydrants.

The basic requirements for accreditation are:

  1. Within five (5) minutes of the first pumper arriving at the fire scene, firefighters must be able to deliver a minimum of 900 litres/minute of water.
  2. Maintain the water flow uninterrupted for two (2) hours.

How Does Accreditation Benefit Residents?

Insurers use the information provided by the Fire Protection Survey Services to set property insurance rates in Canada. Superior Tank Shuttle Service Accredited areas may get ‘hydrant protected' rates.

Because of this accreditation, residents who own detached dwellings within eight (8) kilometres (by road) from any of the fire stations may be eligible to receive a cost reduction in their fire insurance rates from insurers in Canada.

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