EORN Site C8727 - Eddystone Rd @ Eddystone

Like all areas of the province, your community is experiencing explosive demand for wireless services. As people rely more on wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops for business and personal use, network improvements are required to ensure high quality voice and data services are available.
As an essential service, telecommunications facilities are federal undertakings with a corresponding mandate for carriers to deploy them such that all residents have access to wireless high speed broadband services.
The recent Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical need for seamless coverage as citizens now rely on online communication to meet basic needs for business, education, health care, entertainment, and social engagement. 5G LTE technology is now being extensively deployed to support the Internet of Things that will see most everything we use from driverless electric vehicles to contact-less transactions, remote healthcare and worldwide video communication seamlessly connected.

In addition to meeting consumer needs, technological upgrades are also critical to ensuring the accessibility of emergency services such as fire, police, and ambulance. Wireless communications products and services used daily by police, EMS, firefighters, and other first responders are an integral part of Canada’s safety infrastructure.
Your feedback matters…

ANY PERSON may make a written submission to either individual listed below by 5pm (TBD) , 2022 with respect to this matter. All comments must be received by the close of this business day.
ISED Canada’s rules contain requirements for timely response to all questions, comments, or concerns. We will acknowledge receipt of all communication within 14 days and will provide a formal response to the Land Use Authority and those members of the public who communicate to Rogers, within 60 days. The members of the public who communicated with Rogers will then have 21 days to review and reply to Rogers as a final response.

Proponent Contact:
Rogers Communications Inc.
Jeff McKay FCSI MBA, Site Acquisition (Contractor)
(519) 566-9267

Land Use Authority Contact:
Township of Alnwick/Haldimand 10836 Cty. Rd. 2, PO Box 70 Grafton, ON K0K 2G0 Troy Gilmour Deputy CAO 905-349-1100

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the approval of this Site and its design is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Government of Canada through Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (“ISED”). The Township of Alnwick/Haldimand has no jurisdiction in this matter other than as a commenting body to ISED and the Applicant. For more information on the approval process contact the local ISED office at 1-855-465-6307.

The Township of Alnwick/Haldimand
This project falls under the EORN Cell Gaps initiative to improve coverage and capacity of the cell network in the region. Learn more about EORN at
All infrastructure development has necessary trade-offs, and Rogers has worked to find the most suitable location for a new telecommunications structure in this area.
Rogers feels that the proposed site is well situated to provide improved wireless voice and data services in the targeted area, is designed to have minimal impact on surrounding land uses and meets the intent of accepted good siting practices under the governing protocol.
Public input is an important component in the process of deploying this necessary infrastructure. Like any infrastructure, there are often few options available to achieve the necessary technical requirements. What represents reasonable or relevant concerns are specifically defined in the governing protocol