Mission Statement

The Alnwick/Haldimand Public Library – linking our community to a world of knowledge!

Vision Statement

The Alnwick/Haldimand Public Library is a leader in celebrating reading and enriching lives with knowledge and information. The library provides accessible services using current technology and contemporary facilities. The library is a recognized contributor to the high quality of life in the community through exceptional services and valued partnerships.

Statement of Values

Creativity, imagination and curiosity

Encouraging the joy of reading and life-long learning


Ensuring accessibility and fairness, to recognize diversity in serving all individuals

Intellectual Freedom

Guaranteeing and facilitating access to all expressions of knowledge and intellectual activity.

Customer Service

Ensuring high quality and excellence in responding to the needs of our customers.

Community Connectedness

Enhancing library service through partnerships and consultation with the community.


Fostering a work culture that advocates cooperation, communication, respect and training.


We meet monthly the 2nd Monday of every month except in October where we meet on the 3rd Monday due to Thanksgiving. No meeting is held in August. The minimum number of Board meetings is ten (10) per year.

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December 2020 Minutes of the Board

January 2021 Minutes of the Board

February 2021 Minutes of the Board 

Financial Audit 

2019 Library Financial Statement - Audit 


  • Jane Davis, Chair
  • Elizabeth Perry, Vice Chair
  • Mike Filip, Council Representative
  • Bonnie Irwin
  • Joan Stover
  • Lisa Ainsworth
  • Margaret Benns

More Information

For more information please contact the library office at 905-349-2976 or email the Library CEO.