Finance Department

The Finance department is responsible for the administration of all financial matters relating to the Township. These financial matters include operating and capital budgets, accounts payable, Tax billing, accounts receivable, employee payroll, and property tax collection as well as a variety of other functions.

The Treasurer must follow the Statutory duties in the Municipal Act and is to keep Council informed about financial need and changes throughout the year, as well as overseeing the budget process.

Finance is also responsible for the Asset Management Plan which serves as a strategic and tactical financial document, ensuring the management of municipal infrastructure follows a sound asset management principal and practice.

The Township is responsible for billing and collecting property taxes annually, not only for the Township but also for the School Boards and the County of Northumberland.

When property owners do not pay their taxes in a timely fashion it can cause a strain on the finances of the Township. Payments to the County and School Boards still must be paid, even if they are not collected. It can cause a short fall in funds, which could result in projects being put on hold or cancelled. This is why tax collection is an important function in a Municipality. Tax Collection can be as simple as creating a payment plan for residents to get caught up, or as complex as property being registered for tax sale.

2022 Grant Applications 

Council decided to implement a formal grant application for our 2022 budget year.  

Grant applications will need to be submitted on the attached application form and returned by 4:30 pm October 15, 2021 to qualify for the 2022 budget talks.  Council is hoping to have the budget passed by December of this year, and are requesting that grant applications be in early to assist with the process.

Please feel free to attach any additional information which supports your submission.

Limited funds are available for grants so please ensure your application is received on time.  You will be notified once a final budget has been passed by Council.

Your application can be returned to the Township office in Grafton,

mailed to PO Box 70, Grafton, ON  K0K 2G0  Attn Carol James

or emailed to

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Application Form


Financial Statements


The approval of the Township of Alnwick/Haldimand's budget is one of the most important tasks for Council each year. The budget provides a foundation to meet the public service needs of our residents and to make decisions on Township infrastructure. We use an approach that will provide high quality service, continue to grow our resources, and keep property taxes affordable. The 2021 Budget was approved at the December 3rd Council Meeting. View the 2021 Budget Presentation.