The Civic Awards Program recognizes the contributions and achievements of individuals or groups that bring honour and enrichment to the Township of Alnwick/Haldimand.

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Award Categories

Citizen of the Year (must be an individual)

Demonstrates outstanding service and contributes to the community. One can accumulate such service over many years, or it can relate to a significant project or event that brings recognition and value to our community.

Junior Citizen of the Year (must be an individual)

A youth between the ages of 12 and 19 who, through their involvement in community activities and events is demonstrating the qualities of good citizenship.

Outstanding Achievement in the Arts

Individuals or organizations who gain acceptance or recognition of outstanding achievement in one of more of the arts requiring considerable discipline, skill and training, (or where adjudicators or judges have publicized their awarding opinion or decision). For the purpose of this award, it includes but is not limited to: literary arts, performing arts, visual arts, film, music, video and traditional arts.

Outstanding Community Service

Individuals or organizations who, through their actions of social and/or philanthropic community engagement, improve the quality for life for a targeted segment of Alnwick/Haldimand's population, or for the community at large.

Outstanding Athletic Achievement

Individuals or groups that achieve success in athletic endeavours. This award is not restricted to athletes, but can include coaches and supports of athletic activities as well.


Nominees must be residents of the Township of Alnwick/Haldimand and demonstrate outstanding service and contribution to the community. We will present only one award in the categories of Citizen of the Year, and Junior Citizen of the Year. We may present multiple awards in other categories.

Please read our Civic Award nomination package for more information.

If you wish to nominate someone, please fill out the Civic Award Program nomination form or submit it online.

Past Recipients

 2019 Recipients 

  •  Outstanding Community Service:
    • Christine Broomfield
    • Narine Dat Sookram
    • Jen Keller-Nelson
    • Deb LeBlond
    • Edith Kift

2018 Recipients

  • Citizen of the Year: Ross Poole
  • Junior Citizen of the Year: Genevieve O'Neill
  • Outstanding Community Service:
    • Donna Reeves
    • Gaye Hoskin
    • Heather Brereton
    • Joan Kelly
    • Mary Catherine O'Neill
    • Olivia Gibbs
    • Sarah Holland