The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) provides a right of access to information for records in the custody and control of the Municipality. There are certain limitations in order to protect personal and sensitive information.

You can get many of the records online or by calling the municipal office without submitting a FOI form.

How to apply for access to information

You can apply by filling out a Freedom of Information Application form and paying a $5.00 fee for each request.

Submit your completed form to the Clerk's Office

The Clerk has 30 days to respond to Freedom of Information requests.

Additional fees may apply depending on the request. The Clerk will provide an estimate if the fees will be over $25.00.

Can a Freedom of Information request be refused?

Yes, a request may be refused access to a record or part of a record in accordance with the “Exemptions” in MFFIPPA.