About the Heritage Advisory Committee

The Heritage Advisory Committee is a Volunteer Committee to the Municipal Council of the Township of Alnwick/Haldimand.

The committee is charged with the preservation and cataloging of heritage items to advise and assist Council in all heritage matters and to educate our community of its history.

We accomplish this by:

  • Offering advice and assistance on all matters of designation, alteration, demolition, conservation (including preservation, rehabilitation) of built and natural heritage in the Township.
  • Researching, exploring and identifying heritage assets, including built structures, land features, historical artifacts, and cultural-historical resources.
  • Offering advice regarding plans for change and progress so they are developed in a manner that recognizes the historical continuity of the community.
  • Overseeing the heritage cemeteries.
  • Promoting public participation in heritage matters through education and information sharing, citizen participation in celebrating our collective cultural heritage.
  • Assisting in facilitation and promotion of heritage tourism.
  • Answering all inquiries related to heritage matters.
  • Presenting an annual budget to undertake these activities for approval.


The Committee meets once per month to review activities and projects.


For inquiries please contact the Committee Chair.


If you wish to visit our archives, please submit an appointment request form.

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