Our Mandate


The Alnwick/Haldimand Parks and Recreation Ad Hoc Committee will work to advise Council as to specific recommendations to address the proposals as illustrated in the Parks Master Plan.


  1. The Committee will determine how to move forward with the proposed Parks Master Plan.
  2. The Council and Committee will evaluate the financial implications that have been demonstrated in the Parks Master Plan.
  3. The Committee will seek funding from upper tier levels of government, local entities, corporation, and conducting fundraising events.
  4. The Committee will provide perspective of what is best for the community and support the success of projects.


  • The Manager of Parks and Recreation
  • Foreman (alternate for Manager) of Parks and Recreation
  • Public Works Manager/Deputy CAO
  • Chief Building Official or designate – when required
  • Six (6) members of the community
  • One (1) youth representatives appointed by Council
  • Two (2) Members of Council


You can volunteer as a member of the Parks and Recreation Ad Hoc Committee. 

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